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"Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words. The Spirit blowing through the churches.” (The Message)

We all have different ways of thinking about God and the Bible and ourselves and the world around us. We think that the way we think is normal, but the reality is we are looking through a lens. Like a pair of glasses we don't even know we're wearing. We inherited these glasses from our parents and our teachers and our favorite TV shows and our religious, or not-so-religious upbringing. Throughout the scriptures and human history, it seems that God is constantly seeking to expand our vision. Giving us a new pair of glasses. Teaching us how to see. How to think. How to hear.

I believe these Wind Words are Always speaking. The Spirit is always moving. Jesus is always writing a letter to his churches.

The question has never been, “Does God have something to say?"
The question is, and will always be . . .

 Are your ears awake?